The Slick Trick of Clickfunnels Paypal That Nobody is Talking About

The Slick Trick of Clickfunnels Paypal That Nobody is Talking About

After I made that, the redirection were constantly working. I believe it worked for the majority of the people until there, since they developed all the funnel action directly and do not try to move them later on, however the bug is there. Now there is just one last problem, after buying the first product, when clicking the OTO 1 buy button, it revealed a small popup window saying “Your charge card was decreased, please upgrade your card” (you can see it there).

I bought my OTO 1 on paypal, was rerouted to my OTO 2, and there when trying to purchase it, it show me one more time the very same popup. I closed it and clicked a 2nd time on the YES button and this time it worked too. It’s for me truly crucial that it allways work on the first click, without having clickfunnel revealing this popup, the majority of the individuals will not try to click a 2nd time on the YES button from my OTOs.

However after closing the popup and clicking a second time on the OTO 1 buy button it reroute me typically to paypal and all worked fine. I bought my OTO 1 on paypal, was rerouted to my OTO 2, and there when shopping it, it show me one more time the very same popup.

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Hi, Sorry for being late just recently working on great deals of things this week When it comes to that problem, I discover it actually severe, Because we had that in the past and supposedly it’s fixed! long ago!!!: o Hmm … Uncertain if it might be something altered by CF itself just recently or what however will have to figure it out asap … When it comes to the first issue you discussed, which is about the “sorting” of the products/funnel actions, can you clarify how that works! Considering that I myself never ever experienced that problem once reordered the steps the changes are saved instantly.

And after that trying to acquire through “Paypal”, Hence CF thinks that your Card has actually ended or something …(though it should not happen). So that’s not a problem truly (But still waiting on some confirmation and information on how to replicate that concern on my side, in order to get it fixed). Likewise feel free to join our Facebook Group – Clickfunnels Practical: That’s where I share my new apps … and tricks from time to time, till we manage to get a content manager Hey there Yassine no issue! Ok, I believe too that the charge card popup was since I bought initially with charge card and after that with paypal, with other test I made later on it work simply fine! So now it’s all working perfect, actually great!The only thing I’m missing out on, (however not actually crucial), would be to have on the thank you page the dynamic summary of what people bought, like for the credit card.

When I actualise the page after that, it show me the old sorting of the funnel. However really, it saves something, and it’s not the sorting I did. The only way to see the sorting of the action was then to look in some item information at the sorting of the funnel action.

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Really strange problem. I’m utilizing the last variation of google chrome with windows 10. All motorist are up to date too. Tried it in an incognito window without cookie and issue still there too. I’m sure that you will get a load of new clients, you are doing a fantastic task and there is allways more interesting app coming! Maybe 1 professional month ought to suffice actually, 2 professional Month look like actually difficult … Thanks for your aid, now it work all fine!Antoine 1 Like Antoine_Morales: The only thing I’m missing out on, (but not really important), would be to have on the thank you page the dynamic summary of what people bought, like for the charge card.

And for the issue you reported, I think I understand your point although I stopped working to recreate it today on my account, will keep digging till I discover it will get it resolved in no time. And Thanks alot for the excellent feedback, actually for the last 3 weeks we have actually been introducing up to 2 apps each week some times … And for the next 2-3 weeks we have actually chosen to focus on improving the apps we have now, and present more functions and bug fixes before adding more apps we have heaps more waiting Today is very heavy in terms of progress and bug repairs on the App itself, so you are visiting some massive modifications and enhancements in the upcoming couple days.

what do you imply by the part I quoted above? yassine: Even though your consumers MUST validate the purchase on Paypal’s safe websites without having to re-login every time Hi @yassine, With the new Pay Buddy v 2 plugin is it still the case the users must verify each purchase at the Pay Friend website before moving to the next deal? Ideally, when a customer accepts a OTO, I would like that product to be added to their cart and then they would do a single confirmation at the end of the procedure with all items organized together.

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With Pay Pal v 2, it’s still the case you CAN NOT charge your customers on Pay Pal other than on a Pay Pal page, the only method around that is getting referral deals authorized by Pay Friend, and they DO NOT approve everybody, so simply keep it as is, Pay Buddy doesn’t really have that low conversion rate compared to CC … in fact it has an excellent front end conversion rate, and all subsequent upsells they need to be confirmed on Pay Buddy.

Likewise has couple of conversion improving homes, like on each funnel you can customize how Pay Friend itself looks like, you can add a LOGO DESIGN, you can even add the offer name to the page header on Pay Buddy … and so on. which can help specifically when having a single Pay Friend company account, and multiple funnels.

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