The Story Behind The Succes Of The Clickfunnels Founder

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The Story Behind The Succes Of The Clickfunnels Founder

Andrew: And you kept opting for stopped working attempts at costing a long period of time. From what I understand– this is from your conversation with our manufacturer. The way you understood that education was going to be the response was you went to speak at an event and what did you speak about and what occurred there that led you to realize, “Hey, we need to do more education?” Russell: Yeah.

He was one of the very first users that clicked on it. So, he enjoys it. So, he was placing on an event. Andrew: Who’s this? Russell: Mike Filsaime. Andrew: Mike Filsaime? Russell: Yeah. He owns a business called Webinar Jam. Andrew: Oh, yeah. I understand Webinar Jam. Okay. Russell: Yeah.

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You have actually got to come speak at it. I desire you to offer Click Funnels.” I was like, “Nobody’s buying Click Funnels and we’re providing away totally free trials.” I didn’t know what to do. He’s like, “Well, your photo is on the website, so you have actually got to come and speak.” So, actually it was a three-day occasion in San Diego.

I was enjoying it streaming from my personal computer. I’m enjoying this occasion. I’m getting on an aircraft tomorrow to talk to these individuals about Click Funnels and I do not even know what to state. I have actually composed webinar discussions in the past. I sat down and sort of followed the procedure I have actually used in the past and created this webinar discussion.

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It described this procedure. In our community, we call it funnel hacking, where if I wish to achieve success in the market, I’ve got to find someone that has a successful sales funnel. I buy their item. I see what their procedure is and after that we can model it and make our own thing, so modeling their process.

I showed, “This is how we did it.” I spoke about my supplement, which at the time before I offered the company was making about $500,000 a month. That supplement didn’t prosper until I found another person who was selling a successful supplement and we modeled their process. I demonstrated how we did that and I must how on Click Funnels how you can build out an entire funnel in literally 20-30 minutes and I revealed how we get traffic to these funnels.

I finished the webinar that early morning. I got on an airplane. I flew to San Diego. I got off. I walked in the space. I handed them my USB drive. They plugged it in. I walked on stage and I resembled, “Okay, let’s see what occurs …” And I did the presentation and I taught the funnel hacking.

I talked about this process we carry out in our company. At the end we sold the $1,000 a year variation and 38% of the room ran up and sprinted to the back. We had individuals jumping over each other. I had actually become aware of people that had table rushes occur at occasions.

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I resembled, “I believe we’re onto something here.” So, that worked really well. And then what was interesting is after the event was over, this woman came near me. In my presentation I shared examples of my supplement funnel. She turned up and she resembled, “That Click Funnels sounds cool.

You could offer anything.” I’m like, ‘What do you sell?” She resembles, “I’m a coach.” I’m like, “I coach individuals too.” I showed her, “Here’s my coaching funnel that I integrated in Click Funnels.” She resembled, “Are you major?” She resembles, “I believed I could not utilize this due to the fact that I’m not selling supplements.

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So, I composed that and I got home the next day or next week and among my friends had heard that the presentation succeeded and he had a huge email list. He stated, “Would you do that presentation to my audience and sell them Click Funnels?” And I was like, “Sure.

Let’s attempt it.” So, he promoted this webinar to Go To Webinar. We got online. I did the discussion. Very same thing. We did over $100,000 in sales form a webinar. And after that later that night I did a webinar to my own client list doing the very same presentation and we closed like $150,000 sellers from that.

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I was like, “We figured it out.” I began calling everyone I knew who had actually ever done a webinar or who had any business owners on the list or anything and I’m like, “We have a webinar that’s hot, that’s working.” We began lining them up. We were doing 2 or three webinars a day for almost a year.

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Andrew: It was you doing the webinars yourself? Russell: Yeah. I was doing all the webinars myself. One interesting piece that was like the secret to this whole thing because only a portion of people buy on the webinar, but what we did is the webinar funnel, like someone registers for the webinar and on the thank you page, we say, “Before the webinar, you must get a Click Funnels trial to see what we’re discussing and when you appear, you’ll be prepared for the webinar.” So, a huge percentage of individuals go and get the totally free trial when they reveal up to the webinar.

So, what takes place, for each single individual who purchased a year account on Click Funnels, 3 individuals were registering for the trial. So, if you look at over the last year, we offered a lot of yearly access, but we had three times as lots of people trial. That’s where our initial sales originated from the year, but our long-term sales have actually all originated from this repeating income that’s been developed since of these webinar funnels.