Some Interesting Ideas On The Clickfunnels Founder You Need To Know

Some Interesting Ideas On The Clickfunnels Founder You Need To Know

So, everything from the second you struck our page up until the rest of the experience is taking place inside the software. Andrew: Yeah. And there are other features like SMS messages that get to go out, and so on. However that’s the heart of it. I’m taking a look at an old page of yours, in fact not that old.

Andrew: You utilized to offer these CDs where like on the home pages we you with 2 fingers pointing towards where people should offer their e-mail address, right? On the CD is you pointing two fingers towards like where the center of the CD was so that people would understand where to put into the CD player.

I didn’t know that the first thing that you offered was a potato gun. What the hell were you doing selling a potato gun? Russell: It in fact wasn’t even a potato gun. It was a DVD mentor individuals how to make potato guns. Andrew: Ah, so you were an information online marketer for a long period of time.

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When I got in this organisation, it was over 10 years ago. I remained in college. I came online and I saw individuals making money and I was so excited by the concept. So, I was discovering things and attempting things. Information products is where I sort of discovered my very first house.

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So, that was going to be my very first shot in the information item business was this DVD on making potato weapons. It didn’t make me a millionaire. But we offered a couple thousand dollars a month of this DVD, which for me in college resembled– Andrew: A couple thousand dollars is substantial, specifically for something … Russell: Oh yeah, I was the wealthiest kid in college.

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Andrew: What did your funnel appear like real fast? Where did people come from? What’s the first thing they saw? How did you get them to buy? Russell: So, it was extremely standard. It was back in Google PPC. So, we would purchase Google PPC ads on “potato weapon,” “potato weapon plans,” things like that.

It was a long form sales page simply to describe the DVD. They would pay $27 for the DVD. That was it at initially. It was awesome because I put a dollar in Google ads and make $2 or $3 back. However the issue is Google began getting smarter and began increasing all of our expenses.

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Soon it wasn’t successful. I didn’t know this at the time, however my really first funnel, I satisfied these guys in Northern Idaho that made potato weapons and drop shipped them. So, I was like, “I’m offering all these potato weapon DVDs. How about I sell your men’ premade potato gun kits as an upsell and you ship it out to them?” They stated yes.

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That’s how this whole thing began. Anyhow, the last 10 years ever since, I’ve been geeking out and figuring out other ways to make it even better. Andrew: So, a great deal of times when I take a look at individuals’s older pages, I do not see their faces on it. I don’t see their names on it.

You weren’t going to see the proprietor of business on a site because they desired to sound like they were makers only, you know. I do see you on the early websites, one something like Dotcom That is among your websites, right? Russell: Yeah. Andrew: Was that one of the very first ones where you were teaching people how to build an organisation? Russell: Yeah.

I had done a lot of those things. When I first began, among the men I was discovering from, his name was Armen Morn. What’s fascinating, each of his sites, there was a photo of him in his suit and tie. I resembled, “He’s really effective and he always has a photo.” It’s amusing, like I got a fit and tie.

I haven’t worn a fit a tie in forever. I did that, got the image and my very first sites would have me. I had a shaved head at that time. So, I had a suit and a tie and a shaved head. That’s what he did. So, I’m a huge modeler, I’m going to type of model him.

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It’s funny looking back now. I’m kind of embarrassed you’re even taking a look at the page. Andrew: You appear like you had like 5 pounds of baby fat, much like a little bit of child fat on you, right? Russell: Yes. Andrew: Is that insulting that I simply stated that? Russell: Not at all.

I got in college right when I started my service. Going from battling every single day to like not and just being at a computer system, I blew up most likely 30 pounds after college. So, I’m like round and pudgy in all those. Andrew: However I see your fumbling image here.

I think in fact the photo here, are you pushing someone’s head straight off their shoulders or something? Russell: That was the objective. Yeah. Andrew: So, you’re building all this stuff. Were you generating income with it? Russell: Oh yeah. It was funny. In college I made the potato weapon website.

About that time is when individuals began asking me what I was doing. So, I simulated little workshop where I had my friends and household come and a couple individuals who purchased tickets, simply a bunch of little projects like that. But within a year of finishing from college, I was tracking like just how much I ‘d made.

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So, I was generating income at that time. I didn’t have any expenses. It was my partner and I and a computer system. I had one of my pals in Romania who was doing shows for us for a couple bucks an hour. That was the entire company. Whatever we made was quite much earnings outside of the advertisement cost.