3 Reasons To Love The Clickfunnels Founder

3 Reasons To Love The Clickfunnels Founder

We’re sorry.” I didn’t understand what was going to happen. I didn’t know if individuals were going to seethe at me or whatever. What was fascinating was from that, we ended up getting 500-600 remarks of people stating, “We comprehend. We’re here to the long run. I do not care what occurs.

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We’re with you people. We’re wishing you guys.” Even Stripe who’s our merchant company, they sent us this substantial present basket in the mail, like, “We’re here. We want to ensure you people …” All this stuff, it was like this truly odd rallying of our neighborhood that everyone came together and like supported us.

All these little missteps we had been having more than the last two or 3 months– we found out later on it was since of the database server. We moved it over, it was done. All the problems were gone. Stability was best. We were looking at our log like, “If we’re down six hours, people are going to leave.” I can’t inform you how stressful it was.

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Our cancellations throughout that time did not dip at all. It was just this thing where our community enjoyed us and what we’re doing so much, so they stated, “We’re behind you.” It was just this really cool experience where I feel like we shifted from like a company to a neighborhood.

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Ever considering that then, it’s been cool. However it was absolutely an extremely frightening, extremely uncomfortable day. Andrew: Considering how you have to get your service back up and keeping up a crisis like that, how you have to do all your webinars, how you need to figure out the vision of the company, are you still also doing the other programs? I’m taking a look at my notes here from someone in my community who said that you’ve got some sort of program teaching individuals how to use Connected In and Facebook to drive traffic.

We have a high-end, I call it my inner circle. It’s $25,000. We have 100 individuals because. We do high-end coaching with these men. Then we have lower-tier programs teaching people basically funnel building, how to direct traffic. So, we’re doing training, but it’s all connected back to the funnels.

We do teach traffic. Andrew: Is that you personally doing it? Russell: A few of it is. Some things aren’t my capability. I’m not personally great at Facebook ads, but John on my group runs all of our Facebook advertisements. So, he trains our community teaching Facebook. Andrew: I see.

So, I teach individuals how to construct webinar funnels, how to offer on them. My entire mind is the more money our clients and community make with their funnels, the more cash they can reinvest in us. Andrew: You don’t have any standalone courses that you’re running beyond Click Funnels, do you? Russell: Yes, we do.

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Russell: So, it belongs to the entire business. Andrew: Oh, so now it’s completely. So, Dylan Jones, for example, has a piece of this. Russell: Yes. This is interesting. This is something that’s type of cool. For me to acquire a trial user from Facebook today, it resembles $120, which is actually expensive, best? But I have my book that I wrote.

So, a lot of our front-end items are lead generation, bring people into our community and after that from there we offer Click Funnels on the back end. Which’s been the very best method that we have actually grown is having different front end training courses and books and products. So, we do have those.

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Andrew: I see. Although this is your own things, a few of it produced even prior to Click Funnels, you’re bringing it into Click Funnels into business itself. Russell: Yeah. We just recently moved all my old items due to the fact that it was weird. We had this strange thing like, “I’m doing stuff over here.” Andrew: Like Dotcom Secrets, is it owned by you personally? Russell: It is, however we’ve licensed all the items and everything into Click Funnels.

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Andrew: So, when we’re speaking about $12 million, what portion of that originates from Click Funnels versus the info products you still have? Russell: So $12 year one was 100% Click Funnels. We had another $5 million that came through the training business. At that time, they were different. As of this year, they migrated together into one.

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Andrew: That’s unbelievable. So, why didn’t you simply pay the individuals that you desired to work with? Like was Dylan Jones require to have a piece of your business instead of getting paid to bring his software application over? Russell: So, I have actually had a lot of workers in the past. I have actually done a lot of that.

But there’s something about like with staff members, I take a seat and state, “This is my vision,” And after that they go and they do it. It’s all about my vision and them executing it, right? With Dylan and Todd, the coolest thing is that they are marketers, like me and you.

They succeeded. And so what’s cool is when they take a seat and they wish to code something, they’re coding it on their own. Todd’s like, “I wish it would do this.” It’s his vision. Dylan, he spends a lot time on the editor and UI. He’ll invest a day trying to figure out where to put the button and what shade the button must be and all these things.

You can’t get that out of a typical worker. It’s got to be somebody who’s so part of it that it becomes them. That’s why I do not spend much time on the item side at all since they are so good at. They live it and breathe it. They sleep it.